A foundation that lasts for many years requires considerable skill and care. The designing and building are two crucial components of having a sturdy foundation.

Proper excavation is the first step for installing a good concrete foundation that lasts for many years.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential or a commercial property. The foundation will need to adequately support several pounds while staying level. It will also need to remain dry and resist weather changes like the extreme Texas summer heat.

The foundation itself usually weighs many tons. Careful excavation and preparation is necessary for the foundation to withstand stress. The matter truly is more than just digging a trench.

Firm Base For the Foundation

There are certain unique characteristics of each building. Builders consider these when preparing to lay down a foundation. Factors like soil stability, moisture, water tables, and backfill quality are taken into consideration before building a foundation.

For example, tightly compacted cobbles are needed for the foundation where sites have high water table. This protects the foundation from water damage. Site that have loose soil require additional aggregate material or compacting to establish a firm foundation base.

Excavation is a complicated job. There are a number of unexpected variables that come into play, depending on each territory. For example, while digging an irrigation trench, you could find objects under the surface that standard tools cannot easily move. This is where the experience of the contractor you’ve hired could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Skill and Experience

Skill and Experience

Local excavation contractors like Smartel Construction identify potential problems such as soil stability and water tables. After taking them into account, they take any necessary steps to prepare the ground for the foundation. This way such problems are properly addressed before laying the foundation for a property.

We use the highest quality heavy-duty machinery to ensure that our clients’ commercial and residential excavation needs are met. The equipment we use is regularly maintained. This allows us to carry out our excavating jobs to perfection.

Smartel Construction

Our excavation services include construction site-clearing and land preparation. In addition, we offer services like hauling, demolition, trenching, ditching, trenching, piping, draining, and more. In fact, it’s our forte!

The team of local excavating contractors at Smartel Construction works closely with clients to provide maximum use of the land. In addition to excavation and earthmoving services, we also offer general contracting and concrete services.

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