A home remodeling project is exciting; you’re full of anticipation about how it’s going to turn out. But because you’re so busy dreaming about what your new kitchen cabinets or your remodeled hardwood floors will look like, it’s understandable that you gave little thought to what the best way to dispose of all the remodeling waste is afterward.

Every construction and remodeling project generates a considerable amount of trash. From garbage and debris to building material waste and more; once the job is done, you’ll have a lot of construction waste to dispose of.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 136 million tons of construction waste were collected in the U.S. last year. This accounts for a total of 25–40% of national solid waste production. This waste doesn’t just overburden landfills, but the chemically treated material can also create water and soil pollution.

Here are a few ways you can responsibly do away with construction waste.

Integrate It Back Into the Building

One way you can recycle construction waste is to actually build it back into the building. If you’re handling a remodeling project, this can be done in many ways. Instead of demolishing a wall and creating additional debris, for instance, it can be moved, redecorated, or reconfigured.

Build New Construction According to Standard Dimensions

For some projects, you can use building materials that are supplied in standard measurements. The less material you have to adapt or cut, the lesser the construction wastage. Plus, it will save you a lot of extra time and effort. Standard wood lengths can be used for framing layouts, and with standard dimensions, it will be easier to reuse leftover material.

Build New Construction According to Standard Dimensions

Locate a Local Recycling Center

If you find a close-by recycling center in your area, you can haul the leftover construction waste to them and they can deal with it efficiently. But make sure it’s within your vicinity so you don’t waste more energy on transporting the material to another place.

Opt for Deconstruction Instead of Demolition

Construction material that is reusable can be removed without damage to your building. It’s a great alternative to a wrecking ball; the building under construction can be carefully dismantled and recyclable and reusable material can be feasibly harvested. Instead of rotting in a landfill, your construction waste can actually be salvaged for something good!

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