Building a home up from the ground up can be an exciting project. It’s one that requires great research and focus, from the inception to completion. To ensure that the process is completed smoothly, decide which type of foundation you want for your house.

It’s crucial for owners to understand the different types of foundations that they can have beneath their home. This will work best to execute your home plans perfectly.

The following highlights 4 types of foundations you can choose from for your home.


Basements usually begin with an 8 feet deep hole and end with a solid concrete slab. The basement walls are typically made up of cinder blocks. The whole process is completed in three portions. In the first phase, the beams are poured. In the second, the walls are set up, and finally, the slab is inserted inside the walls.

To keep the basement foundation waterproof, the process is important. The basement foundation adds square footage to the house and adds extra storage space. The durability of these basement foundations makes them highly popular among home-owners. They are highly resistant to fire and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Pier and Beam

Concrete piers or wood posts are set deep into the ground. This is to help maintain the weight of the building. The foundation is elevated nearly 18 inches above the ground to prevent it from resting directly on the ground. This type of foundation is preferred by many home builders because of the ease of construction and cost-effectiveness.


Houses that are elevated nearly two feet off the floor usually have crawlspace foundations. A brick panel and cinder blocks are the core components of this foundation.

Areas with moist climates benefit greatly from crawlspace foundations because it prevents water from accumulating. Since the house is elevated, there is less risk of it sustaining water damage. The house is also less likely to be infested with termites, mold, and fungi buildup.



Another type of foundation consists of a flat, concrete pad that’s poured onto the house’s ground. Little preparation is needed to commence working on the slab foundation. The installation process is pretty simple, needing only to format concrete into a beam. The beams run around the slab foundation’s perimeter and are about 2 feet deep. The concrete foundation contains durable wire mesh and steel reinforcing bars. The surrounding portions of the foundation are nearly 6 inches thick.

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